Freddy Milanya

Freddy is a professional dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer hailing from Kenya. He discovered his passion for dance at the young age of 9 within his local church community. As he grew older, his interest in developing himself as a dancer led him to form the “FBI Dance Crew” with some friends. The group gained relative fame in Kenya through numerous TV appearances, music videos, and live shows.

After completing high school, Freddy embarked on a journey around the world, showcasing his skills in performances and competitions alongside his crew and other dance companies. In 2016, he moved to Oslo to further his dance education and establish the crew “Matata,” renowned for their fusion of diverse Afro styles and Dancehall. With this group, he achieved victory in the prestigious Norwegian dance competition “Measure Your Crew” in both 2017 and 2019.

Freddy is known for his energetic style and his dedication to developing technical abilities and dance comprehension among his students. He places great emphasis on creating exciting, engaging, and educational experiences while serving as an inspirational source for his students.

As a professional dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer with over a decade of experience in Dancehall and various African dance genres, Freddy has devoted himself to exploring and honoring the cultural origins of dance. He is deeply committed to promoting and preserving these traditions.

For the past seven years, Freddy has been residing in Norway, working as a freelance professional dancer and teacher in various dance studios across the country. Additionally, he has had the privilege of showcasing his talents and passion for dance in theaters and the Opera, captivating audiences and sharing the beauty of movement with a diverse range of Audience.