Claúdio Fernandes aka “COMICS”

Claúdio Fernandes aka “COMICS” is been dancing since 2007, even though he was surrounded by music and dance being from a Cape Verdean family.

He’s a passionate student of HipHop and Street Culture and he’s been into the international battle scene at big events like Summer Dance Forever, Juste Debout and many others.

He has already won several titles such as The Kulture of Hype & Hope, Juste Debout Nordic and Soul Sessions Extended. 

 He has a degree in Circus, and he’s been a part of several stage performances like: INTO THE DEEP, HEAD PEACE, and currently “LUCY”.

 He’s main goals are: taking care of his mom, learn & share culture with other communities around the world and built a community project in Portugal.

Photo: @ortenheim at @soulsessionsoslo