Online samtidsdans med Nina Wollny i uke 18

Vi holder online klasser i samtidsdans med Nina Wollny hver dag i uke 18.

Tidspunkt for klassene er 10:30 – 12:00 og du kan delta på zoom.

Link til klassene på zoom:

Info om klassen:

Exploring and learning about how the human body works and how the different parts collaborate can have a strong and sometimes even magical impact on our movement, presence, perception and therefor influence and enrich the way we dance.  

Each day the class will be based on one topic related to how the human body works from a small simple detail to bigger connections within the organism. Each topic will be explored by looking at visual material, free physical exploration, guided exercises and gradually accumulate into an energetic movement phrase, that plays with all levels of space, speed, flow and the forces that move us.   

Because of the online setting of this class there will be also a focus on connecting to the space you are in. Enjoying the value of being local and at the same time connecting through the platform we are meeting on. Any space works as long as you have enough space to fully lay down (about 2×2) and have a surface that is okay for you to dance on. Looking forward to start the day together and dance with you. 

Nina Wollny har studert moderne dans ved Rotterdam Dance Academy. Hun har vært tilknyttet Company Anoukvandijk i 10 år. Siden 2004 har Nina undervist Counterteknikk ved mange dansekompanier, danseutdannelser og for profesjonelle frilansdansere rundt om i hele verden.