Yaniv Cohen

Yaniv Cohen (1977-Israel)–Choreographer, Photographer, and associated professor for contemporary dance at the Art Academy in Oslo.Cohen’s work relates to the basic human desire to communicate. To the way humans perceive themselves and question the way they portray it to others. His work constantly shifts between the belief that people are responsible for their actions and between the theory that social facts and fashions are controlling them.Cohen does not try to answer it, not just yet.Yaniv started his dancing career at the age of 22 and work as a freelance dancer and in dance companies since. He worked with choreographers such as YasmeenGodder, Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, Ina Christel Johannessen, and danced in dance companies such as Carte Blanche the Iceland dance company and theNorwegian National Ballet.From 2009, Yaniv choreographed his own work that performed in Norway, Israel,Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. In 2012, he created his first full-length multimedia work in collaboration with C.Eckly and A.Spreafico called ‘kill me baby one more time.’ In 2013, ‘Blanke Ark’, a group work for Carte Blanche dancecompany. In 2014, ‘How hard can it be’-a multimedia full evening duet and more.His last work ‘You look like you’ premiered on Oct 2016 and is touring ever since.Yaniv will present his full-evening work ‘Deeply rooted’ 20. May at Dansens Hus Oslo