Mari Carrasco

Mari Carrasco is a Stockholm based choreographer from Sweden/Chile. Carrasco graduated from Balettakademien Stockholm in 2008 and has studied at Stockholm University of the Arts and at the International Visa Program at Dance New Amsterdam in New York.

Carrasco started to create work during her education and have been producing her own independent work from 2009. Since then, Carrasco has established herself as a well renowned choreographer in Sweden. She got her first break through with her piece Bartolomeo. This piece toured with Riksteatern in Sweden and in 2014 Carrasco produced a successful world tour with the same piece performing at festivals such as: Apap New York, Arts Festival Capri, Contemporary Dance Festival Ramallah and Amman, International Theater Festival Tokyo and Okinawa and Festival Teatralia Madrid.

During the last five years Carrasco has done commission work for dance companies and institutions such as: Skånes Dansteater, Norrdans, Region Teater Väst, Riksteatern, Dansstationen, Unga Klara, Sthlm 59 north//The Royal Swedish Ballet, Vällingby Stadsteater, Holstebro Dansekompagni and Verve Leeds UK.

Alongside her choreographic work Carrasco has been teaching professionals and at dance educations in Sweden. Carrasco has been a quest teacher at Balettakademien in Göteborg and Stockholm, Stockholm University of the Arts, Cullbergbaletten, and has been an ongoing guest teacher for the daily training for professional dancers at Danscentrum in Göteborg, Umeå, Malmö and Stockholm.

foto: Chrisander Brun