Nina Wollny

Nina Wollny studied modern and contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, now Codarts, in the Netherlands. After her graduation in 2002 she joined the company anoukvandijk dc and has worked there as dancer, rehearsal director and artistic assistant for more than 10 years.
Since 2012 Nina is working with different choreographers in Europe. She is regularly performing and collaborating with German choreographer Jenny Beyer at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany. In Norway she works with amongst others Mia Habib Productions and BodyCartographyProject. She is based in Trondheim and is part of the Praxis Trondheim team.
Nina started teaching when she was 15 as a way to deepen her own understanding of dance. In 2004 she became a Countertechnique teacher and later faculty of their teacher training and program manager. Since 2020 Nina is not teaching Countertechnique anymore and explores her own interests and methods to share movement and dance. She is curious how our movement relates to the anatomy and physiology of the human body and its relationship to the forces that move us- as an inspiration to play, without looking for a definite solution. Recently Nina has been drawn to also start sharing her fascination of the human body in her own artistic and performative work, which has led her to Revisiting Nina’s Solo.

Foto: Kristofer Skogheim