Notifying Routines

If you experience being exposed to discrimination, harassment or other objectionable conditions on PRODA's course offerings, or wish to report a concern on behalf of others, you must contact the general manager or PRODA manager in the relevant PRODA region, see email addresses and mobile numbers at

 All incidents must be taken seriously and treated confidentially.

 Procedure for processing the case:

  • The general manager/PRODA manager must, together with at least one other person from the board of PRODA or the board of the organization that manages PRODA, find out what has happened. 
  • Both parties must give their version. Considerable emphasis must be placed on the subjective experience of the person exposed to the incident.
  • Consequences must be concluded and determined that are in proportion to the seriousness of the incident (dismissal, warning, termination of employment or revocation of user access, police report)
  • The process must be documented, and information must be provided to all involved.