User guidelines and information

  1. Information about PRODA's course offerings throughout the country can be found at and on social media. In the event of any cancellations at PRODA Oslo you will receive information about this on the Instagram story and/or timetable online.
  2. Granted access to PRODA applies to all our course offerings around the country.
  3. Participation in PRODA's courses is at your own risk.
  4. PRODA is user-led, and it is important that you as a user contribute positively to the professional and social environment of our course offerings.
  5. PRODA must document attendance in order to finance the course offer, and it is an obligation to sign in on attendance forms before classes and workshops.
  6. Photography and filming during training at PRODA is not accepted due to privacy reasons. Recording or photos can exceptionally be clarified with the administration, who must inform the participants about what/who will be filmed and where the material will be published. Users and employees have the right to object to recording/photographing.
  7. PRODA is responsible for first aid in the event of acute injuries that occur in the classes. (ice packs, wound treatment, requisitioning transport to emergency room and the like).

  8. Everyone must ensure that studios, changing rooms and living areas are kept tidy.
  9. Some of the classes at PRODA are loud and we therefore ask everyone to close the door to the studio behind them.
  10. When using trainers in the studio, the sole must be so that it does not leave marks, and the shoes must be indoor use only and clean.
  11. If talc is used, notice must be given in advance, as this leaves a lot of dirt in the studio, which must be removed after class.
  12. If you bleed, because of for ex. small wounds on the feet, any blood spillage must be removed immediately. You yourself are responsible for this.
  13. It is not allowed to place objects on the piano in large studios