Ethical guidelines

Ethical guidelines at PRODA profesjonell dansetrening
  1. Participation to PRODA's training offer is at your own risk
  2. Participation in PRODA's offer requires health that can withstand the physical and mental stresses that professional dance training requires.
  3. Everyone at PRODA is responsible for ensuring that the working environment is satisfactory both for users, instructors and the administration.
  4. Photography and filming during training at PRODA is not accepted due to privacy reasons. Recording or photos can exceptionally be clarified with the administration, who must inform the participants about what/who will be filmed and where the material will be published. Users and employees have the right to object to recording/photographing.
  5. There should be a mutual trust and respect between dancers, instructors and the administration.
  6. PRODA is responsible for first aid in the event of acute injuries that occur in the classes. (ice packs, wound treatment, requisitioning transport to the emergency department and the like)
  7. PRODA must be open to internal notification of objectionable circumstances. This applies to illness, eating disorders, drug addiction, harassment and other breaches according to the general perception of what is justifiable or ethically acceptable. PRODA must also handle notification and further measures in a factual and orderly manner.