PRODA offers classes for professional dance artists in Norway. The foundation receives public funding, and is a contributor to the development of greater working conditions and overall livelihood for artists across Norway. PRODA is a nationwide foundation, with nine regional branches: Vestlandet, Rogaland, Agder, Østfold, Innlandet, Sør-Trøndelag, Nord-Trøndelag and Nord-Norge and Oslo. The eight regional branches are run by local organisations who receive economic and administrative support from the  main office, which is located in Oslo.


PRODA’s participants consists of freelance dance artists (dancers, teachers, choreographers), with backgrounds from different dance genres. The majority work within the fields of contemporary, jazz and theatre dance.

Course acitivities

Traditionally, PRODA’s classes have been intended as a warm up for dancers before they move on to rehearsals, performances, auditions or other jobs in dance. PRODA is also used by dancers in between jobs wishing to maintain their technique or develop their artistry further.

Since 2018, PRODA’s activities have grown more diverse. Beyond offering classes in different dance styles, workshops have been implemented to incorporate different means of professional development as a dance artists. In Oslo, workshops are categorized into three strands: in process, repertory and choreography. The workshops aim to deepen skills and explore different means of creating and performing dance. Alongside workshops, PRODA regularly collaborate with organisations, festivals and other institutions to offer seminars that cater to other aspects of freelancing, such as mental health, appplications and teaching methodologies.

“Drop-in” philosophy

All classes at PRODA are open for drop-in. Everyone should at all times be able to follow the classes at any given day, even if the class has been held for several days already. However, workshops that span over several days will have registered participants, meaning that the same group attend all the workshop classes. This way, the group will be able to go more in depth and more on the concepts and material of the workshop.


PRODA registers the number of participants in all classes and workshops, as a means of documenting our activites to funding bodies.