Information for guest teachers

Information and instuctions for teachers at The Proda foundation- training for professional dancers

The participants:

Prodas participants consist of freelance dance artists (dancers, teachers, choreographers) from many different dance areas, but most of whom work within contemporary, jazz and theatre dance. The broad variety of participants is something we incurage the teachers at PRODA to be considarate of. This is especially important in classical ballet where there are participants from every field. PRODA want to engage teachers with classes that provide transfervalue between the different fields.

Warm up for professional dancers:

Dance artist use PRODA for warm-up before rehersals, or self development and maintaining technique. Feedback from the participants show that they are mainly concerned with warming up and receiving their daily training. The teachers are asked to consider this when giving feedback in class. Because the participants have such different goals and approach in class, valuable guidelines are appreciated rather than schooling.


All PRODA classes are drop-in. This means that the participants should be able to follow the class on a friday even if the same class has been given since monday. Keeping this in mind it is not advisable with long exercises and combinations.

Counting and registration:

Proda is dependent upon government funding and therefore need to keep statistics, ie. We count participants per class to show the base of our existence. It is therefore of utmost importance that teachers ask the dancers to sign in before class, and also cross check the numbers after class. The number of participants must be noted on the attendance sheet.

We are currently working on a new registration system, but until then teachers are to follow the registration process as of today.