Mari Carrasco til PRODA uke 14+15

Den aktuelle svenske unge koreografen Mari Carrasco gir seks klasser i samtidsdans på PRODA mens hun er i Oslo for å koreografere for studentene ved Spin Off. Alle klassene er kl 9.00-10.30. Om klassene sier hun ;

In my class, my aim is to work with a thinking and a physical body. We will work with different movement qualities and textures. I will guide you through some tasks, scores and we will dosome juicy short phrases. I will start the class slow to then speed it up with more intensity along the way. We will do a lot of running, shaking and grooving. My focus is to play and have a good time together and the aim is to connect to the pleasure and effort of moving. The body knows what to do. Come and dance with me.

Photo: Martin Rinman